MRGO Ecosystem Restoration Plan Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
Available for Final NEPA Review

The MRGO Ecosystem Restoration Plan Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) prepared by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is now available to the public for Final NEPA Review. The formal comment period has been extended an additional 10 days and will close on 6 September 2012.  For more information on the formal comment period extension, please click here.

The Feasibility Report is a supplement to the June 2008 MRGO Deep-Draft-De-Authorization Report to fully meet the requirements of the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2007 Section 7013 (Public Law 110-114). The report describes the planning process undertaken for the development and evaluation of alternative ecosystem restoration plans. A Federally Identified Plan (FIP) is identified in the feasibility report. The FIP would restore would restore technically significant habitat, such as 3,281 acres of imperiled fresh marsh in the Central Wetlands, 10,318 acres of ecologically important cypress forest, and 54 acres of rare coastal ridge habitat. The plan would restore and nourish 12,797 acres of brackish marsh in the Hopedale and Bayou Terre aux Boeufs area south of the channel. In the Golden Triangle area, 4,317 acres of intermediate marsh would be restored on the Lake Borgne side of the IHNC Surge Barrier and 280 acres of significant urban marsh would be restored on the GIWW/MRGO side of the barrier.

The EIS provides a detailed description of the proposed action, the purpose and need, reasonable alternatives, affected environment, as well as presents the analysis of the anticipated beneficial and adverse environmental impacts from the alternatives.

Questions regarding the current status of the project can be submitted by clicking here, over the phone at (504) 862-2318 or by email at Hard copies of the reports are also available upon request, by contacting Josh Carson at (504) 862-2318.

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